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Trilogy Wellness Staff Team

Butler PA Drug Troubles

This article explores the issue of drug addiction in Butler, Pennsylvania, shedding light on the concerning statistics that reflect the severity of the problem. Over the past decade, the city has witnessed a significant increase in drug-related deaths, primarily attributed to the opioid epidemic.  Continue Reading...

Trilogy Wellness Staff Team

Suboxone in Butler PA

Suboxone stands as a critical asset in Butler's fight against opioid addiction. Through responsible prescribing practices, community education, and collaborative efforts, the medication contributes to a comprehensive and sustainable approach to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery Continue Reading...

Trilogy Wellness Staff Team

Treatment Options for OUD {Opioid Use disorder}

This article explores comprehensive treatment options for opioid use disorder, focusing on Sublocade, an extended-release buprenorphine injection. Highlighting the benefits of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including Sublocade, it emphasizes its role in reducing stigma, Continue Reading...

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