What services do you offer at Trilogy?


We offer a variety of services, all directed toward treating addiction. Most of our patients receive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and ALL of our patients receive physician assessments from our board certified Addiction Medicine physician, and counseling form our certified addiction therapists.


What is Medication Assisted Treatment?


Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is the use of medications such as Suboxone, Zubsolv, Vivitrol, Antabuse, Chantix, etc.. As the name implies, its the use of prescription medications to help treat an issue related to Substance Use Disorder. The medication that is chosen depends on the substance that is being abused.


Do you accept insurance? What if I do not have insurance?


We accept all major insurances, including Medicaid & Medicare. If your insurance requires a copay, this will be due at the time of your visit. (We are not allowed to see anyone without the collected copay, nor can we bill for it later). If you do not have insurance, call our office and we can discuss what options we have available to help with your visits at the clinic as well as the cost of medication at the pharmacy.


Does every patient at Trilogy receive MAT


No.We use MAT medications when appropriate, the use or need will be determined at your first appointment/ intake assessment.


Can I receive the Vivitrol injection at Trilogy?


Yes.We do prescribe and provide Vivitrol(naltrexone). This will require some pre-planning. Those not currently on MAT meds will start with Revia(oral form of naltrexone) to be sure their body handles the naltrexone well. If tolerating the oral form well, we will then progress to the Vitriol injection. These injections will be repeated on a monthly basis.


Can I receive Subutex at Trilogy?


We do prescribe Subutex to pregnant females. We also use Subutex as a 2-week-bridge when converting someone from methadone to suboxone. In rare situation to those with a documented allergy to Naloxone, however this documentation MUST come from a board certified allergy specialist and must show that you have a true hypersensitivity to our other preferred MAT medications. We do not accept headache/nausea/dislike of taste as a reason to be prescribed Subutex.


Does Trilogy offer private counseling or group? Can I get my counseling outside of Trilogy?


We offer both, and every patient of ours must receive it. We understand that counseling and treatment are not one-size-fits-all, therefor we do our best to accommodate our patients and respect their choice in which type of counseling setting they are most comfortable in. You may prefer to get your counseling from an outside provider, perhaps someone that you have an established treatment relationship with, and this is permitted. We do however require a waiver be signed so that we can verify and work together on treatment goals.


Can Trilogy help me get off of methadone?


Yes. We specialize in helping people get off methadone, whether that be developing a wean program that you can coordinate through your methadone provider... or converting you to suboxone and then stabilizing your care, or weaning down the suboxone slowly over time. We have helped many people break the ball and chain of methadone, and have had tremendously positive results.

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